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We are a small group of artists in the middle of the pacific ocean who came together to make an inclusive, diverse, and representative SciFi-ish short film about becoming parents. We hope you see yourself in our film, and that this film reflects some part of your journey to parenthood or inspires you to start one. 

#Family is Family

Unlike other small independent films, we did not start with a crowdfunding campaign to get started. We dove in headfirst and learned what we didn’t know along the way. So, that also means we have a lot of IOUs outstanding to those who lent their talents to get us to the finish line. This website is dedicated to you, the fans, who we hope will help support us in our fundraising efforts to keep changing the world for the better through film and related charities who need support. (keep reading below, there is more!)


About Us

As LGBTQ allies, we celebrate Pride alongside you, especially this year which marks the 5th anniversary of Marriage Equality landmark decision by the US Supreme Court and also an unusual period in history where physical isolation is prudent to prevent further spread of Covid-19, but social interaction is essential for mental wellness. We hope our film is something that gives you #pride to be the unique person you are in this world since we know you are 1 in 400 quadrillions (yes, someone smarter than us has actually done the math to figure out the odds of each of us being alive!).  So, let’s make this life count together!


All money raised on this site is to cover our expenses in making Nuclear, and any excess will be redirected to LGBTQ charities. We’d love to hear whom you think should get the money so drop us a line and let us know where you feel it is most needed; we are currently considering supporting True Colors United and The Trevor Project’s #PrideEverywhere campaign since we strongly believe every child deserves a safe place to grow up as they discover themselves.


We believe film can open hearts and minds, and by using our talents we hope our audience not only feels empathy but sympathy. We hope you come to see that we are more alike than different because when we understand that, our implicit bias has an opportunity to dissipate and equality is easier to reach.


Every family has an origin story and we look forward to learning more about the journey you’ve taken for your #NuclearFamily.

With Love, the Nuclear Movie Family.

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Text "Family" to donate at (202) 858-1233

or use your favorite digital wallet to send to: donate@nuclearmovie.com