4 Open Crew positions on Nuclear & Invitation to Brainstorming Dinner.

Aloha Hawaii Film Collective!

I'm happy to report we've had a good response to our crew roster sign up sheet. Many HFC members are skilled in multiple disciplines and have the desire to learn those skills they don't yet possess. Below are the following positions that we have no volunteers for yet: 1st AD, Hair, Make-up, Costume, Composer/Musical Director. I would love more participants in all roles in case there are schedule conflicts, so please don't be shy if you see someone has already volunteered for a skill you'd like to contribute. Click here to sign up.

Next, I'd like to host a brain storming dinner at HFC. Anyone is welcome, but in particular I'd love to get some help from editors, directors, directors of photography and writers. I have an idea for a very unique twist in the story but I'm not sure how to accomplish it without confusing the audience. I'd love everyone's input before I give up on the idea. Dinner will be on Thursday 2/16 from 5:30pm-7pm, just before the Writer's Room event at HFC, making it easy for you to attend that event too. Please let me know if you can attend so I can order enough food by signing up on our roster (even if not volunteering to help with the production). Click here to sign up.

ps- the video above is another amazing example of what can be done with bubbles which I hope we can replicate and use as analogy in the story or get permission to use from the You Tube creator (

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